Photo Shoot at Australian Pioneer Village in Wilberforce.

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Photo Shoot for 'Gut Laughs' 

Led by Dietitian Connection's team, Gut Health Month is a national initiative aiming to enhance Australians' well-being from within.

We had the pleasure of providing our 1960 Dodge as background for the creation of a captivating short TV film. This production featured the talented comedian Nazeem Hussain, who engaged in insightful and funny 'gut laughs'. The setting was the vibrant neighbourhood of Moodie St in Cammeray, where residents eagerly participated and shared their perspectives.


Family Photo Shoot A Rare Day

Dressing up in 1920s attire was an absolute blast for this lovely family! They embraced the opportunity to step back in time and immerse themselves in the glamour and excitement of the Roaring Twenties.

From feathered headbands to sleek suits and flapper dresses, everyone celebrated the chance to don the iconic fashion of the era. 

Gathering around the vintage Hot Rod for their family photo shoot, laughter filled the air, and smiles stretched from ear to ear. Each pose was a playful nod to the past, with exaggerated gestures and dramatic expressions adding to the fun.

The Hot Rod itself became a central character in their scene. With every click of the camera, memories were made! Capturing not just the stylish outfits, but also the joy shared among family members. It was an experience they will cherish forever!

Dressed up in 1920s-style outfits for a family photo shoot with the yellow hot rod, making memories together

My wife was very surprised by the car that came to pick her up this morning. Then we had a wonderful photo session with the car. A very good driver, he provided us with cold water and helped us open the doors and roof of the car. Today we had one of those rare days in life that will remain in memory. Thank you very much for that. I will be glad to use your services in the future.

- Alexander

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