VINTAGE CAR Hire Sydney 1960 Dodge

Step back in time and make a grand entrance with our vintage 1960 Dodge. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of an era gone by while enjoying luxury and style.

Whether you're creating a production, movie/film or celebrating a wedding, impressing clients at a corporate event, our professional chauffeurs and beautifully maintained vintage Dodge guarantees a seamless and elegant experience.


Our 1960 Dodge holds a fascinating history, originally serving as an ambulance built specifically for the Lucas Heights Power Plant. With its sturdy construction, it provided crucial medical support during emergencies.

Check out the brochures below, showcasing the array of Dodge special purpose vehicle options and styles available in the 60's.

After servicing the power plant, this iconic vehicle was carefully restored, embodying a piece of Australian industrial and automotive heritage.



We've transformed this old ambulance into a stunning vintage beauty. 

Expect it to add a touch of retro elegance to weddings, corporate events, photo shoots, movie and film productions, and every other special occasion in Sydney.